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After having worked for several prestigious Swiss companies, Carlo Sarzano founded SARCAR in 1948 and created his own collection. SARCAR met with an enthusiastic reception among a long-established clientele and Carlo realized it is most important to marry an outstanding design to a technical timepiece.

In 2003, the idea was born to create a watch with a piece of over 1 carat diamond turning inside the case. This creation was absolutely an exciting challenge for SARCAR’s professional and experienced watchmakers. Nevertheless, the Solitaire is one of the many SARCAR successful collections and its stunning evolution results in some of the finest creations such as Le Carrousel and the Marquetry collection.

SARCAR launched a spectacular world first, The Twist, in 2010. Incorporating a “one-carat” floating solitaire on a brilliant-set pavé-dial encased by an intricately diamond-studded gold case, this ingeniously-designed luxury timepiece has indeed propelled SARCAR’s brand image to its highest level in this world of Space Age Horology.

SARCAR has found its way to exclusivity and prestige. Today, SARCAR takes on all challenges to stay as the “Creator of Dreams” forever.

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